Risk Management Program

Risk Management

Omni Risk Management Program

Omni firmly believes that the key to managing Workers Compensation Premium is the implementation of an effective Risk Management Program.  If handled properly the program will lead to:

  • Less Claims Frequency
  • Less Claims Severity
  • A safer and happier work force.
  • A significant premium savings.



    When an injury occurs

    1. Contact your designated Omni Claim’s Specialist ASAP. 
    2. Provide us with the claim details
    3. Omni will take it from there!

    It’s that Simple.  Let the professionals protect your interest.



    Michael Rosado

    Senior Risk Manager

    Michael Rosado, ARM is the Risk Manager at the Omni Insurance Agency.  It was his responsibility to design an effective risk program, implement that program, mitigate claims, conduct safety training, and improve our client’s safety culture.  Omni Risk Management currently works with over 200 LHCSAs, dozens of Nursing Homes throughout the country, and hundreds of various other risks. Michael is Omni’s main contact when an insured has a potential claim.  Omni Risk Management also provides consulting work for companies in need of help. In his years at Omni Risk Management he has seen his department grow to include a large staff, dedicated exclusively to risk and claims management.  Omni’s Risk Management team conducts safety training in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Michael and his team provide comprehensive semi-annual claims reviews with clients and is a valuable asset when meeting with potential new clients.  Through his hard work and dedication, he has managed to significantly cut the loss frequency and severity of the majority of Omni’s insureds; resulting in an industry leading loss ratio. Michael Rosado is a graduate of St. John’s University with a Political Science degree.  Michael also earned a Medical Coding Certificate from Hunter College. He is licensed insurance broker, an Associate Risk Manager, a Code Rule 60 Consultant, and is currently studying to become a CPCU; a designation he hopes to have by early 2019. You can reach him at mrosado@theomniagency.com.

    Dina Begadilova

    Associate Risk Manager

    Dina assists in designing risk programs and in-service curriculum. Dina is often first point of contact when claims come in and works tirelessly behind the scenes at mitigating those losses. Dina leads a multi-lingual team and is fluent in both English and Russian. She has been an invaluable asset to the agency. Dina Begadilova is a graduate of E.N.U. and holds the AIC designation. Dina is currently working on finishing her ARM designation.

    Henry Yuen

    Claims Specialist & Data Analyst

    Henry assisted in writing our in-service program in Cantonese and currently conducts over 100 of these per year. Henry is often first point of contact for injured employees and makes sure they receive the care they’re entitled to. Henry is bi-lingual and speaks both Cantonese and English fluently. Henry is a graduate of Baruch College and is an amateur chef.

    Diane Garcia

    Associate Risk Manager

    Diane brings to Omni an extensive back ground in Office Management and applies excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Always calm under pressure, Diane works diligently on strengthening client relations. Diane is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has been an invaluable asset to the agency. Diane attended John Jay. Diane is currently working on her Broker’s License. She enjoys interior decorating and leads a book club.

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